Janet Levy is a sculptor, her work focuses on the physical and conceptual exploration of stone: using primarily alabaster, onyx and marble, she creates abstract sculptural forms and installations; expressing an inherent desire to reveal what is concealed; She carves, binds, and hangs stone often combining with other materials such as rope, chain and metal. Drawing from inner tensions of opposing forces and emotional exchanges, She explores an enduring focus within her practice: to make the invisible visible. Referencing nature to convey the emotions of underlying pressures, sexuality, tensions and desires.

Levy is strongly influenced by music, dance and film and has recently in addition to sculpting included songwriting into her creative practices.

Janet Levy (Hermosa Beach, California) Lives and works in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Custonaci, Sicily. Levy attended the Schule für Gestaltung in Basel in 1996. She has been awarded the FUKA-Fonds Grant from the City of Lucerne and the Arts Council Grant from Swiss canton of Obwalden. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in USA and Switzerland including Los Angeles, Zurich, New York, Lucerne, and Cry Me A River, Prospect.3+, New Orleans and most recently her solo exhibition Butterfly Double at Museo de Geologia, UNAM, Mexico City